Borrowing money as unemployed? Is it okay? Borrowing money as unemployed is next to impossible. You try to borrow money by pledging something at a mortgage bank, or mortgaging the house at a bank that offers loans to people who have a harder time borrowing money.

What they do then, however, is to take more pay than regular banks because they take a greater risk and therefore have to take more paid as well. Borrowing money without income is otherwise almost impossible.

Unfortunately, it is very difficult


If you have an income but are unemployed, there will be some more options. But larger loans are still very difficult. However, you should of course compare and try to find a loan that suits you and that is prepared to lend money to you with your conditions. If you have a bank before, it might be smart to start by listening to it.

As you can read above, it is very difficult. If you have income before it can be simpler but still very difficult. So if you really need to borrow money, you should read our guides on the topic to be able to move on.

Easiest to borrow money?

Easiest to borrow money?

It is difficult to borrow money if you do not have a job, but we have a list where we write about which loan is the easiest to borrow money from. Unfortunately, we cannot say exactly which it is, but we can say which loan our visitors usually choose. And if we show which loan most people choose in guides about precisely difficult to borrow money and which loan is the easiest to get, we certainly do not hope to show a list of loans where it is difficult to borrow.

Can you take a private loan as unemployed?

Answer: Usually not. It is very difficult and one of the easiest ways to borrow money if you are unemployed is to go to a mortgage bank and leave something in pledge for your loan. But make sure you have a plan for how you can repay the loan and interest to be able to pick up what you put in the pledge if you don’t want to get rid of the item.

How can you increase the chances of borrowing money?

How can you increase the chances of borrowing money?

Answer: You can increase your chances of borrowing money by improving your finances in every way possible so that the loan calculation becomes better. For example, by collecting loans so you can get a larger loan with lower interest rates instead of many small loans that are expensive. This is often a point that they almost always make in the TV show Lyxfällan, where you have to follow participants who have difficulty with their finances. Then you can reduce your fixed costs as much as you can. It also increases the chance by the fact that two are applying for the loan.

We have tried to compile a list of what you have shown interest here at Good Finance. There are mainly pages about borrowing money as unemployed but also guides that are very related to it. As guides on borrowing money quickly and borrowing money directly. But also a lot about borrowing without UC.

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