Loans without interest – with such seemingly unbeatable offers make lately and again banks and credit intermediaries attention. But is there more to it than shameless advertising?? And do the banks suddenly really have to give away money?

So far, zero-percent financing has only been known from the car dealership, the electronics market or the furniture business. For years, traders have been drumming about the allegedly free financing, which is supposed to make larger purchases easy. However, a closer look reveals that the offers are by no means as beneficial as they appear at first sight.

Even the “free loans”, one suspects it, have a catch …

First of all, the question arises: Are banks and credit intermediar

ies making false promises in their advertising? The answer: not in the legal sense. Because they actually forgive interest-free loans. However (and they do not reveal this in advertising), only a very small number of interested parties benefit from such financing. Very many consumers who make a request are flat rate refused. This can be the case, for example, if the credit rating is not first rate and if there is a flaw in the credit score information.

For a large group of consumers, the desire for a free loan remains a dream. Financial experts say: “In the face of aggressive advertising for the allegedly free bank loans, mass disappointments are inevitable.”

Platinium rejects the market screaming offers. With us you get no loans without interest – but here everyone really has the fair chance of a loan. Especially in the last few weeks, we were able to help many interested parties to obtain a loan that had previously unsuccessfully asked other providers for a zero-percent loan.

Incidentally, even borrowers who have been given a “free loan” elsewhere are by no means always happy with their decision. As a rule, they receive only a very small sum without interest from the bank. If you need more, you have to pay interest in the normal way. The difference to a pure decoy offer is therefore not so big …

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